VIDEO of Awarded STSM grants

Title: Testing methodologies for the measurement of organic nitrate using the ACSM systems (Manchester)

Name: Zainab Bibi

Home: UK – University of Manchester


Date: 26th Nov-5th Dec 2018

Short Introduction: Zainab Bibi is a second year PhD student at the University of Manchester. Her research is about identifying the new methods for studying atmospheric soot. She has participated in COLOSSAL COST Action CA16109 in Paris to participate an evidence-based guideline for real-time chemical characterization of fine atmospheric aerosols and recommend the manufacturers some desirable features of instrumentation for the determination of real-time chemical characterization and source apportionment of fine atmospheric aerosols. Despite her PhD work she is working as Research Fellow for Operation Earth Project and also won several accolades including the Queens Young Leaders Award in 2016.