Working Group 1

Deliverable 1.1. Guidelines for real-time chemical characterization of fine atmospheric aerosols (standard operating procedure) and ACSM calibration, as output of the intercomparison exercises and experience gained during the course of the Action.
Deliverable 1.2. Guidelines for comparison of ACSM data with external data, such as Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS), on-line instrumentation for inorganic ion concentrations measurements, or off-line chemical composition data. These guidelines may include specific procedures to be directly implemented into the software used for ACSM measurements. Document released.

Working Group 2

Deliverable 2.1. Guidelines for organic aerosol source apportionment.
Deliverable 2.2. Publication of best practices for source apportionment of organic aerosols based on mass spectra datasets in a peer-reviewed journal like Atmospheric Measurement Techniques.

Working Group 3

Deliverable 3.1. Standard operating procedures and good practices guidelines for black carbon instrumentation.
Deliverable 3.2. Course materials and tools – black carbon source apportionment. Find them here.
Deliverable 3.3. Development of methods for combined black carbon and organic aerosol source apportionment.

Working Group 4

Deliverable 4.1. Scientific publications (tentatively 3) in peer-reviewed journals on the composition of the European fine particulate matter, the European black and brown carbon and the source apportionment of the European carbonaceous fine particulate matter.